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how to make the worst of your content management system

I recently heard tell of the following activity, parading as content migration to an enterprise level content management system. I am not making this up: Copy large volumes of Web-content-to-be, page by page, into separate Dreamweaver files containing the design (created and sliced up in FireWorks) Copy/paste said Dreamweaver files into content wells of the content management system Repeat this activity ad infinitum until an entire Web presence is constructed in this fashion always crashing in the same car: recurring mistakes and misuses of the web When I heard this, something inside me snapped. Aside from the stunning inefficiency inherent in creating all these disparate Dreamweaver files, this activity points to a fundamental lack of understanding of what exactly a content managment system is. In the interest of quelling this misunderstanding in others, here follows a list of what not to do with a CMS: Dump a bad Web site into a good CMS. If your organization's Web presence is a