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teeny tiny links can hurt usability

Consider the following Web site navigation: Home | Priorities | Giving | Council | Alumni Efforts | Foundation Challenge You might be able to guess that this is the main navigation for an alumni site of some school. But aside from Home , can you formulate a clear idea of where any of these links will lead? always crashing in the same car: recurring mistakes and misuses of the web Supposing your goal is to join this institution's alumni association. Which of these links would you follow first? Would you follow any at all? And what exactly is a Foundation Challenge, anyway? You see this all over the Web: critical navigation distilled down to as few words as possible--preferably a single word. Design teams hold meetings in which everyone struggles to come up with the right word to describe a category of activities, a diverse collection of information, a whole branch of services. It's mind-numbing work, and for a good reason: few single- or two-word descriptions ar

managing the collaborative web

Following are the slides of a presentation I gave yesterday at Penn State in which I share my philosophy and approach to managing collaborative Web environments: This presentation also is published at .