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an example proposal for adopting plone

Frequently, potential adopters of Plone at universities tell me that they have a difficult time convincing administration within their organizations that Plone -- or any open-source content management system, for that matter -- is worth the investment of time and effort. Or in the case of Penn State's WebLion services , any consulting fees that may be involved. This proposal is loosely based on what I wrote for my own shop. However, I am fortunate to work in a highly clueful department . Making the case for adopting an open-source enterprise-level content management system was not an arduous task. With that in mind, I'm sharing the following example proposal for adopting Plone at the university department level. If you are striving to convince your organization to adopt Plone, feel free to make use of any part of this material for your own justification. In this example, the department currently maintains a home-grown content management system based on proprietary tools