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Sprint Report, Plone Symposium East 2012

About 30 members of the Plone community participated in a 3-day sprint at WebLion , following Plone Symposium East 2012 . We worked on PloneEdu, Plone Installation on Windows, ZopeSkel Documentation, Plone Accessibility, a promising new product called, and a follow-up dose of Code Cleanup and Removal. Thanks to Steve McMahon for leading our sprint; to team captains Kim Nguyen, Ross Patterson, Cris Ewing, Matt Barkau, Nathan Van Gheem, and Eric Steele; and finally, to Mark Corum and Rob Porter this the Hot! Hot! Hot! Sprint. Here are the teams and what we accomplished: PloneEdu Plans include fresh content, a site facelift, and new hosting for PloneEdu , a resource for educational institutions using Plone. Team: Kim Nguyen, Mark Corum, Rob Porter, Chris Thomas, Brian Davis, William Fennie,  Prathmesh Mengane, Greg O'Toole Accomplishments: Defined the PloneEdu audience Made plans to migrate the site's hosting to Osh

year one of agile in weblion

We adopted Agile in WebLion in January 2011, using Agile Software Development with Scrum as our first guide. before agile Before making this change, we were highly collaborative in our own way. But we lacked the structured cohesiveness that Agile brings. We had no systematic process for vetting one another's work, no way of identifying when a task was truly done . And — I don't like admitting this — we worked alone or in pairs way too much. agile resources in the webLion wiki: Add to this all of our projects. These varied enough in nature and complexity to make it difficult to distinguish priorities, dependencies, and monsters that might bite. Our self-taught foray into Agile served us pretty well. We were getting better at requirements collecting, time estimation, sorting out dependencies... But the big change came in August 2011, when we took a NetObjectives course on Lean-Agile with Scrum . Today, we are more L