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get it done with trello - part i

Trello  is a highly visual, easy-to-use collaboration tool that lets you organize projects using  Kanban boards. Trello makes it simple to break down projects into components and components into checklists. You can track progress on each component, comment, even vote on tasks or ideas. Fog Creek Software, the maker of Trello, says it will be offered for free, forever. Here are a couple of the ways that our team uses this tool: Project Ideas These are ideas we pitch to our sponsors and stakeholders.  The columns: New Ideas: This is where the idea lives until it grows some legs. Documented Ideas: We've done technical research and requirements gathering. Proposed Ideas: We've pitched the idea. Approved Ideas: Sponsors and stakeholders like the idea. It can now be moved to the Project Backlog. Project Backlog Our Agile team keeps a Trello board for tracking the state of each project. The columns: Accepted: All have agreed that this is a project we will