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creating podcasts with audacity

I gave a workshop on using Audacity sound editing software for creating podcasts in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences on September 12. This way to my presentation materials . And this way to some excellent tutorial videos on using Audacity , by Jason Van Orden. These videos provided all the information I needed to get started with Audacity. While GarageBand is my preferred tool for podcasting and informal music recording, Audacity is a respectable open-source alternative.

an informal usability study of

The following series of videos are of an informal usability study that I conducted using as the subject. These videos were captured using Camtasia screen recorder... Part I: Introduction Part II: The Usability Study Part III: Some Observations



Pick a higher education Web site. Any higher education Web site. Likely what you've got is the agglomerated result of battling needs, wants, and not a little politics.

the "family of publications”

Here's one that's been buzzing around universities for the past several years: The desire to make the Web presence and brochures look like "a family of publications." always crashing in the same car: recurring mistakes and misuses of the web Branding and consistency. These are the given reasons. Okay, there's nothing wrong with branding. Nor is there anything wrong - actually a lot right - about instilling a level of consistency across all facets of public communications, both online and in print. Or the uniform design and navigation of Web pages across a site. Unfortunately the "family of publications" notion is frequently misinterpreted to mean that Web sites should take on the design characteristics brochures as well as regurgitating their content - a misunderstanding promulgated by those who understand print publications but not the Web. And then, consistency becomes the hobgoblin. Some words of advice to those who push the concept to this point: Bro