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45th Eastern Primitive Rendezvous: Nearby Museums and Historical Sites

The 45th Eastern Primitive Rendezvous takes place September 23-October 1, 2022. For more information, visit the official EPR website and Facebook group.

The following is a list of museums and historical sites within an hour or so's driving distance from the 45th EPR campsite. Other places of interest will be added to this list as time goes on. This information also will be included in the event's Gate Book, which campers will receive upon arrival.

Bradford County Farm Museum
Alparon Community Park
RR 14; Troy, PA
Distance from EPR Camp: 14 miles
Call for Hours: (570) 297-3410

Bradford County Historical Society
109 Pine Street; Towanda, PA
Distance from EPR Camp: 14.5 miles
Call for Hours: (570) 265-2240

Chemung Valley Historical Society and Museum
415 E Water St, Elmira, NY 14901
Distance from EPR Camp: 19.3 miles
Call for Hours: (607) 734-4167

Corning Museum of Glass
1 Museum Way; Corning, NY
Distance from EPR Camp: 47.5 miles
Call for Hours: (607) 937-5371

French Azilum
T458, Wyalusing, PA 18853
Distance from EPR Camp: 24.8
(570) 265-3376

Mark Twain's Gravesite
Woodlawn Cemetery
1208 Davis Street; Elmira, NY
Distance from EPR Camp: 21.5 miles

Old Mill Village Museum
5774 PA-848; New Milford, PA
Distance from EPR Camp: 62 miles
Call for Hours: (570) 465-3448

The Rockwell Museum
111 Cedar Street; Corning, NY
Distance from EPR Camp: 46.4 miles
Call for Hours: (607) 937-5386

Tioga Point Museum
724 South Main Street; Athens, PA
Distance from EPR Camp: 9.1 miles
Call for Hours: (570) 888-7225

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